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Digital identity verification in travel

Cutting edge facial and document recognition technology, underpinned with machine learning, can help travel suppliers offer customers a secure and seamless transaction process 

About the webinar:

The travel industry's digital transformation is increasingly about mobile, as more and more travelers search, shop, and book their travel using their smartphone. Mobile is convenient for customers who expect seamless and secure transactions, but, knitting together the requirement for this seamlessness with security needed by the company or provider is not an easy task.

Helping to bridge that gap are recent advancements in digital identity verification technology, which automate the process of checking IDs. By relying on digital tools to perform identity checks, travel businesses from across the spectrum can benefit. This can help keep the conversion rates high, costs low and the fraudsters at bay. 

You'll learn:

How digital identity verification can build trust between your brand and your customers

Why trust matters in today's digital travel ecosystem

Balancing customers' demand  for instant and secure transaction and payment processes

How successful use cases from different verticals can inform your own implementation roadmap







Steve directs products & innovation strategy for Mitek’s global identity business. With over a decade of experience in FinTech, Steve previously worked on software-as-a-service and mobile solutions for Digital Insight, Intuit, and Hewlett Packard. Steve resides in San Diego and holds an MBA from the Rady School of Management at UCSD.

The experts:

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Steve Craig, Director of Product and Experience, Mitek Systems

Virginie Vacca Thrane, Head of Traveler Identification, Amadeus

Rajeev Kaul, Managing Director, Accenture Technology

Martin Cowen, Commercial Editor, tnooz

Tuesday 27 February  2018

@8am Pacific Time
@11am Eastern Time
@4pm GMT
@5pm CET

Virginie has been with Amadeus for more than three years, and works on corporate strategy across its airport and airport IT business unit, with a focus on innovation, risk and probabilities. She has a background in equity research and financial analysis in the aerospace and aviation industries, and holds a MSc in applied economics and organisation science from the Université Paris Dauphine.

Rajeev is Managing Director at Accenture Technology. Most recently, he has collaborated with Marriott and the World Economic Forum to release an ambitious global system for digital identity. Called the Known Traveler Digital Identity, it is the first truly global system proposed to make immigration controls stronger, more secure, and also more user-friendly for travelers. 

Martin Cowen is a writer specialising in B2B distribution and technology for the travel sector. As commercial editor for tnooz he looks after a portfolio of content initiatives, working directly with clients to produce articles and reports. His time in travel tech began in 2000 as launch editor for

e-tid.com, the first online-only B2B daily news service for the UK travel sector.

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